How long does a paving job take?

This depends on the type of paving job. Paving a driveway for a homeowner usually takes a half day to a full day, depending on the length, width and total area to be paved. A Commercial Parking Lot timeline varies, depending on the specifications and scope requirements for the job.

Does Sealcoat really help protect my pavement?

The short answer is YES! Asphalt is not unlike any other surface, it will deteriorate over time. As cracks form, water penetrates the surface, and freezing water expands causing larger cracks to form, or even causing potholes. Properly applying a sealcoat to your pavement will prevent water from penetrating small cracks, helping to extend the life of your pavement and your investment.

How long should I stay off of my fresh asphalt?

It is usually best to stay off a freshly paved surface for 3-4 days in warmer weather. Typically a warm spring and hot summers take longer for the soft asphalt to cool and harden. However, in cooler temps like in the fall, 1-2 days is usually sufficient.

What kind of "base rock" is best to prevent erosion?

The size and type of Base Rock used depends on the type of soil and slope your paving needs require. Base rock is used to help maximize proper drainage to prevent the driveway or parking lot from eroding. Randle-Davies will provide engineered solutions to meet your personal requirements.